Marshal Law: Origins Paperback (2008)

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All illustrations are © Nick Percival, Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill


Published in softcover book format (7.6 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches) by Titan Books in september 2008, this paperback contains the 2 illustrated novellas "The Day of the Dead" and "Cloak of Evil" previously issued on the Cool Beans World site. The Nick Percival cover:



For this reissue, I have asked Pat Mills about changes between the first online publication in 2000 and this paperback (for example Daniel Craig is cited in the 2008 version as the actor impersonating James Bond which wasn't the case in 2000): "Yes, I have edited the book for the paperback.  Can’t remember any other changes off hand.   Just tidying the story up".



The paperback contains 20 B&W illustrations by the hand of Kevin O'Neill.





For more information about the two stories, follow the links above.

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