News and works in progress, July to December 2012

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DC have announced on their official blog June the 20th, that they will released the Marshal Law omnibus in March 2013 (last news said it will be issued in April). It is also confirmed that the crossover stories will be absent. The book is described as follow:


Marshal Law: The Deluxe Edition HC

Writer: Pat Mills

Artist: Kevin O’Neill

Collects: Marshal Law #1-6, Marshal Law: FEAR AND LOATHING, Marshal Law TAKES MANHATTAN, Marshal Law: KINGDOM OF THE BLIND, Marshal Law: THE HATEFUL DEAD, Marshal Law: SUPER BABYLON and Marshal Law: SECRET TRIBUNAL #1-2

$49.99 US, 480 pg


For that kind of price, I have no hope left for an oversized edition (book three of the oversized slipcase Absolute Edition of Promethea published by DC cost 100$ for 300 pages). We will have to wait to know it the book will feature some bonus material.

The book can already be pre-order on amazon and Pat Mills already has the proffreading copy in his hands as of late December 2012.


Works in progress

New illustrations in the 1987 (from Speakeasy #79) and 1988 (from UKCAC booklet) additional material sections.

A new illustration from True Brit in 2004.

Graphitti Designs alternative version of Marshal Law T-Shirt 2.

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