Fear and Loathing Paperbacks

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All illustrations are © Kevin O’Neill & Pat Mills



This article's aim is to identify additional editorial elements included in one or other of the paperbacks published in the United States, England, France and Italy in chronological order.

Both English language paperbacks "Fear and Loathing" collect the 6 issues published initially by Epic Comics. The Graphitti Designs edition also includes "Marshal Law Takes Manhattan". The French edition collects the 6 issues in 3 volumes.

French edition published by Zenda in 1989 and 1990 (exclusive covers)

zenda 1zenda 2zenda 3

Larger size than a magazine, hardcover and superior quality paper. The pictures inside the theatrical page opening each chapter have been removed. Below are some novel art created by Kevin 0'Neill specially for this edition :

tome 1 et 2 dostome 1 gardetome 2 garde

plat 2 et 3tome 3 dos

tome 3 gardetome 2 plat 2 bistome 2 plat 2

plat 2 et 3 ter

U.S. paperback (softcover) released by Epic Comics in 1990 (new cover)

fear & loathing us tpb



An introduction by Clive Barker, 8 pages prologue, all six original covers (art only), and some novel unpublished illustration so far.




Note that the opening theatrical pictures are not the same for issue #1 and #4 (original issues on the left, paperback reprints on the right):

1 original1 tpb

4 original4 tpb 



US Graphitti Designs Hardcover (1990)

Limited edition (1500 copies), signed by the authors, hard cover leather cover with an additional jacket.

Outside cover, front and back :

graphitti usgraphitti us ter


Inside hard cover, flap illustration (introduction by D.G. Chichester) and the signing page.

cuirrabatgraphitti us bis-copie-1


Apart he signing page, the paperback also contains 18 pages of bonus material commented by the authors (a few exemple below), and some art previously used in the French edition.



Italian edition published by Play Press in 1991 as "Paura e odio", Play Book #10 (many thanks to Paolo Gugliuzza for these informations):




The story is translated in comic softcover format (US cover) with thick glossy paper, but a very poor glue was used so that all the pages detach rapidly and fall out. Apart the Clive Barker foreword replaced by an introduction by the translator, Adam Centerbba, the content is the same as the US paperback.

U.K paperback released by Titan Books in 2002 (cover originally used for the first volume of the french edition, softcover)


fear & loathing uk tpb


Same as the US 1990 paperback, except a new introduction by Pat Mills and seven pages of unpublished designs for an aborted film project back in 1995 (and not 1990). The first illustration below (the eye of the Sleepman) has been previously used in the Graphitti Designs paperback.

oeilgallery 1gallery 2gallery 3

gallery 4gallery 5gallery 6gallery 7




The most recent reprint of Fear and Loathing has its own article here.


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