News and works in progress, April-May-June 2012

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Pat Mills has announced on his Facebook page that according to DC, a first omnibus will be released for firm publication date of Spring 2013 (yes, it meens one more year to wait). It will not feature the crossover stories (Pinhead, Savage Dragon, The Mask). Perhaps in another omnibus in the now very distant future though.

Also don't hesitate to check these two very interesting interviews from CBR andECBT 2000AD (the ECBT one is 3 hours and a half long but is absolutely worth listening for).

Works in progress

I have now finish the publication details of each story or paperback, and I will develop the "themes" parts as well as an exhaustive "References" section (and a few juicy quotes to finish each article with a smile) in the near future.

Thess months addition:

- the 1991-1993 additional material section was completed with exerpts from DHP's Insider #4

- the 1987 additional material section was completed with the addition of Speakeasy #75

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