Official Goodies part one : posters

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All illustrations are © Kevin O'Neill, Nick Perival & Pat Mills 


Lets start this section related to official goodies with the posters produced along the Marshal Law run that are part of my own collection.


A3 size 1987 poster produced for the launching of the very first series (cover of issue #1):





Then we have this A2 size poster from 1988 included in Strip #2 and reprinting the cover of Strip #1:





A1 size poster from 1989 produced for Marvel (all new illustration):





Another A1 size poster produced in 1990 for the first one shot, "Kingdom of the Blind" published by Apocalypse Limited:





And to wrap up this article, I've listed these 3 A1 size posters produced in 2000 during the short lived Internet site Cool Beans World. The first on the right is from Kevin O'Neill, and the others are from Nick Percival (as Marshal Law appears in his cgi short):






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