The Marshal Law Definitive Edition

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Now we know that  DC Comics will be in charge of the Marshal Law reprints. There is still no precised details about the way they will handle it; last month was about splitting the material into different volumes instead of an omnibus, but more recently Pat Mills told me they're planning to release it in one volume.

I don't know about you, but here is how I see the ideal content of the definitive Marshal Law edition:

1) An oversize (at least 8" x 12") deluxe hardcover edition that comes in a slipcase (one or several volume inside, it doesn’t matter), with glossy paper and an exclusive cover by Kevin,

2) All the story reprinted of course (around 640 pages)

3) All the original covers, back covers and inside illustrations (comics and paperbacks

4) Covers of Toxic! Magazine #1, 5 and 14

5) Covers of Strip Magazine #1, 3 and 7

6) Covers and exclusive illustrations of the French edition

7) Covers and exclusive illustrations of the Graphitti Designs edition

8) Recolouring by Kevin of the "Marshal Law Takes Manhattan" story

9) The 8 pages prologue to "Fear and Loathingwith the two extra pages produced for Toxic! #14 et 15 ("Rites of Passage")

10) Recolouring by Kevin of the Marshal Law/Pinhead story, "Law in Hell"

11) Colouring by Kevin of the Marshal Law/Savage Dragon story, "Ten"

12) Full size coloured illustrations of "The Day of the Dead" and "Cloack of Evil" including for that later the cover for the never published Titan edition

13) All the extra material drawn by Kevin one’s could put his hand on (see pages of my blog related to additional material, goodies or paperbacks extras)

14) Full length comments by the authors (censored images, plot ideas, anecdotes ..)

At that stage, my ideal version is at least a 700 pages book. But perhaps I've forgotten some treasures, or a brilliant editorial idea. So don't hesitate to give me your own thoughts about your "perfect definitive ultimate absolute" edition. After all, we will be the first customers!

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